The Isopak group is concerned about protecting the environment and pays particular attention to the issues of environmental sustainability and Circular Economy


By proposing solutions for EPS recycling and reusing

During internal production excess and waste materials are kept and we collect offcuts from our clients.

Thanks to a machine within the company, we are able to transform the material collected into a powder…

… which is then fed to the ECO100, from which we obtain polystyrene blocks, 100% recycled, suitable for building materials and plastic products.

EPS respects the environment because

it is Ecological

It can be completely recycled, reducing waste and protecting the environment.

it is Resistant

EPS is particularly shock-proof; thanks to its excellent capacity to absorb energy it becomes the ideal protection for any type of content.

it is Light

Made up of 98% air and 2% raw material, expanded polyester is extremely light.

it is Recyclable

EPS is 100% recyclable, offering the greatest possibilities for recovery and re-use.

it is Stackable

Its strong resistance to compression means that packaging with expanded polyesterol can easily be stacked, reducing storage and transportation costs.

it is an Insulator

Thanks to its excellent capacity as a thermal insulator, the expanded polystyrene fully satisfies needs regarding the packaging of electronic goods and food products, and is also widely used in the building sector.

it is Protective

and Hygienic

Thanks to its conformation of closed cells, EPS does not absorb humidity and is insensitive to most salts, acids and oils thanks to its cellular formation. Furthermore it is highly hygienic as there is nothing for germs or bacteria to feed on.

It is Custom-made

and Ready to use

Thanks to the ease with which it can be transformed through moulding, “bespoke packaging” is obtained rather than simple containers, providing greater safety.